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Mossfoot, the brave, or, The fat scout of Oneida Lake
Rob Ruskin, the prairie rover, or, The forest maid
Snow Bird, or, The trapper's child
The dragoon's bride
Old Honesty, or, The guests of the Beehalt Tavern
Bald Eagle, or, The last of the Ramapaughs
The Black Princess, or, The border refugees
The white brave, or, The flower of the Lenape Lodge
The riflemen of the Miami
The moose-hunter, or, Life in the Maine woods
The brigantine, or, Admiral Lowe's last cruise
Putnam Pomfret's ward, or, A Vermonter's adventures in Mexico
Simple Phil, or, The Pineville Massacre
Jo Daviess' client, or, 'Courting' in Kentucky
Ruth Harland, or, The maid of Weathersfield
The gulch miners, or, The queen of the secret valley
Captain Molly, or, The fight at Trenton, Christmas, 1776
Wingenund, the young trail-hunter; or, The death of War-Eagle
The partisan spy, or, The witch of the Santee Swamps
The peon prince, or, The Yankee knight errant