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From farm to fortune, or, The boy who made money in land
Claim no. 7, or, A fortune from a gold mine
Adrift in the sea, or, The treasure of Lone Reef
Adrift on the Orinoco, or, The treasure of the desert
Driven to the wall, or, The nerve of a Wall Street boy
Back Number Bixby, or, The boy who was up to the minute
The brotherhood of gold, or, A daring Wall Street game
Long & Co., boy brokers, or, A lucky Wall Street firm
Winning a fortune, or, The boy hero of the mill
Dealing in stocks, or, Saved by a Wall St. ticker
The sailor's secret, or, The treasure of dead man's rock
Capturing the coin, or, The deals of a boy broker
Lucky Jim, or, $100,000 from stocks
"Millions in it", or, A boy with ideas
The crimson mask, or, The treasure of San Pedro
Frank Fisk, the boy broker, or, Working the Wall St. stock market
Playing a lone hand, or, The boy who got the gold
Will Fox of Wall Street, or, The success of a boy banker
A lad of iron nerve, or, Little Joe's big bonanza
Too lucky to lose, or, A boy with a winning streak