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Hildebrandt Fitzgum, or, My quiet little cousin
Those quiet twins
Highfalutin Jim
Shortys' trip around the world
Tommy Bounce, Jr., or, A chip of the old block
Young Harkaway and the pirates
Harkaway's triumph
Chips and Chin Chin, the two orphans
Chips and Chin Chin
mystery of the crossed needles, or, Nick Carter and the yellow tong
doom of Sang Tu, or, Nick Carter's golden foe
The Man with the Missing Thumb, or, Nick Carter's chance discovery
An anarchist plot, or, Nick Carter on a difficult trail
The demons of the night, or, The terrors of the idol's cavern
The young wrecker, or, The boy who dealt in derelicts
Shipped to sea, or, The treasure of the Coral Cave
The captain of the vampire, or, The smugglers of the deep sea
Nick Carter's terrible experience, or, The strange crime of the limited sleeper