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A night with Nick Carter, or, The kid-gloved case
A puzzle of identities, or, Nick Carter solving a strange problem
The Hidden Crime, or, Nick Carter's telephone clew
The antique vial, or, Nick Carter's curious mystery
A strange coincidence, or, Patsy's lucky strike
The signal of seven shots, or, Nick Carter's struggle for his life
A plot within a palace, or, Nick Carter's royal client
Countess Zita's defense, or, Nick Carter in the palace of a king
The princess' last effort, or, Nick Carter wields a royal scepter
The two lost Chittendens, or, Nick Carter's clue by cable
The man in the doorway, or, Nick Carter's conquest of a castle
The last of Mustushimi, or, Nick Carter's narrowest escape
Nick Carter in the hidden chamber, or, The hunt for the lost millionaire
Dr. Quartz's last play, or, A hand with a royal flush
Nick Carter's foxy adversary, or, The lures of the bird of paradise
Nick Carter's twin mystery, or, The secret of the green automobile
A game of five millions, or, Nick Carter's fight with a fiend
A dangerous woman, or, Nick Carter faces a crisis
The lost bank president, or, Nick Carter takes a great big chance