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Nick Carter and the nihilists, or, The mine under the grand duke's palace
A beautiful anarchist, or, Nick Carter's bravest act
The nihilist's second move, or, Nick Carter's timely interference
The brotherhood of Free Russia, or, Nick Carter's beautiful friend Olga
The queen of the seven, or, Nick Carter and the beautiful sorceress
The mystery of the Mikado, or, Nick Carter in Japan
The crime behind the throne, or, Nick Carter and the palace mystery
Kidnapped in broad daylight, or, Nick Carter on his own trail
Zanoni, the transfigured, or, Nick Carter's phantom mascot
By command of the czar, or, Nick Carter's boldest defiance
The conspiracy of an empire, or, Nick Carter's bravest act
A queen of vengeance, or, Nick Carter's beautiful nemesis
Nick Carter's convict enemy, or, The power that makes men tremble
Nick Carter and the Marixburg affair, or, Foiling a great conspiracy
Trim behind the footlights, or, The hold-up at the casino