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Cast Away Jack, or, The boy sailor of the reindeer
two middies, or, The buccaneer's ward
Tom Swift's cruise, or, The wreck of the Albion
Conrad, the ocean king, or, Leon Lorraine's disguise
skipper's mate, or, The cruise of the Fire-Fly
Jack, the coast detective, or, The disguised captain's clerk
Tom, the old tar, or, Jack Northrop's long cruise
Jolly Skipper Jack, or, The young lieutenant's cruise
Morgan, the sea rover, or, The shrewd Scotchman's scheme
mad skipper, or, The cruise of the Monongahela
ranger's first cruise, or, The Yankee tar abroad
Kidnapped Dick, or, The fate of the Firefly
'Frisco Frank's rival, or, The gold cave of Death Valley
Billy Broom's first cruise, or, Tom Pintle, the pilot
swamp guide, or, Canebrake Mose and his dog
Black Horse Bill, the bandit wrecker, or, Two brave boys to the rescue
boy pilot, or, The island wreckers
Captain Ralph, the young explorer, or, The centipedes among the floes
young land-lubber, or, Prince Porter's first cruise