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A young gold king, or, The treasure of the secret caves
A golden stake, or, The treasure of the Indies
Among the tusk hunters, or, The boy who found a diamond mine
Lost in the tropics, or, The treasure of Turtle Key
Every inch a boy, or, Doing his level best
Cast adrift, or, The luck of a homeless boy
A pot of money, or, The legacy of a lucky boy
A million in gold, or, The treasure of Santa Cruz
The boy gold hunters, or, After a pirate's treasure
Heir to a million, or, The boy who was born lucky
A lucky chance, or, Taking fortune on the wing
Among the missing, or, The treasure of the Silver City
The secret chart, or, The golden treasure of the crater
Thrown on the world, or, Starting business with a dollar
Seeking a lost treasure, or, The nerve of a young explorer