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traitors of the tropics, or, Nick Carter's royal flush
suicide, or, Nick Carter and the lost head
The Prison Cipher, or, Nick Carter and the mysterious substitute
Behind the mask, or, Nick Carter and the queen of the Mardi Gras
Nick Carter's master struggle, or, The battle with the man-monkey
A woman of plots, or, Nick Carter's cleverest countermove
Nick Carter's strangest case, or, The hacienda plot
The king's prisoner, or, Patsy plays a lone hand
A battle of wit and skill, or, Nick Carter meets with defiance
The "shadow," or, Nick Carter's mysterious pursuer
The yellow beryl, or, Patsy brings a high roller to book
The mystery of the empty grave, or, Nick Carter's deal from a cold deck
A syndicate of crooks, or, Nick Carter's great prison plot
Secrets of a haunted house, or, Nick Carter's fight with ghosts
Ralph Bolton's double plot, or, Nick Carter's three assistants at work
Three against fifteen, or, Patsy's splendid strategy
Maynard woman's double, or, Patsy's terrific brain storm
Nick Carter's twin mystery, or, The secret of the green automobile
The conquest of a kingdom, or, Nick Carter's fight for a throne
A battle among the clouds, or, Nick Carter's criminal client