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Burt Bunker, the trapper
The frontier angel
Oonomoo, the Huron
Nat Todd, or, The fate of the Sioux' captive
Myrtle, the child of the prairie
Blue Dick, or, The yellow chief's vengeance
Single Eye, the scourge
Indian Jim
The mystic canoe
The bear-hunter, or, Davy Crockett as a spy
The white chief, or, The track of the avenger
Spanish Jack, the mountain bandit, or, The pledge of life
Dingle, the outlaw, or, The secret slayer
The helpless hand
The phantom horseman, or, The mad hunter of the Mohawk
The trail-hunters, or, Monowano, the Shawnee spy
The two guards
Foghorn Phil, the king of the border, or, The secret foe
The white brave, or, The flower of the Lenape Lodge