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Plucky Paul, the boy speculator, or, Going for Old Slink
Southern boy in New York, or, Bound to make his money
Extree Nick, the New York newsboy
Sassy Sam Sumner
Highfalutin Jim
Dot boy Fritz
Playing the market, or, A keen boy in Wall Street
             Rough and ready Dick, or, A young express agent's luck
             Bob Brandon, contractor, or, The treasure that led to fame
             Up against a hot game, or, Two college chums in Wall Street
             Driven to the wall, or, The nerve of a Wall Street boy
Going the limit, or, A big risk for big money : (a Wall Street story)
Ed, the express boy, or, His own route to fortune
             $50,000 from a nickel, or, The boy who was lucky in stocks          : (a Wall Street story)
The little stockbroker, or, The boy with money to burn : a Wall Street story
A Wall Street errand boy, and, How he made money in stocks
             Long & Co., boy brokers, or, A lucky Wall Street firm
             Dick and his chum, or, Making a fortune for the firm