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Burt Bunker, the trapper
Nat Todd, or, The fate of the Sioux' captive
Dead shot, or, The White Vulture
Kirke, the renegade, or, The trapper's last trail
Foghorn Phil, the king of the border, or, The secret foe
Bill Biddon, trapper, or, Life in the Northwest
The buffalo-trapper
Snow Bird, or, The trapper's child
Honest Hand, the trapper guide, or, The death-touch of the Blackfeet
The masked guide, or, The road agents of the Plains
The tall trapper, or, The flower of the Blackfeet
Kirke, the renegade, or, The trapper's last trail
Ben, the trapper, or, The mountain demon
The huge hunter, or, The steam man of the prairies
The Green Ranger, or, Dusky Darrell, trapper
The white tracker, or, The panther of the plains
The mad horseman, or, The prairie tournament
The backwoods banditti, or, The hidden home
Indian Joe, the guide, or, The White Spirit of the hills
Moccasin Bill, or, Cunning serpent the Ojibwah