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Jack Jasper's venture, or, A canal route to fortune
A struggle for fame, or, The gamest boy in the world
A lucky contract, or, The boy who made a raft of money
Among the tusk hunters, or, The boy who found a diamond mine
Dick Darrell's nerve, or, From engine-house to manager's office
Lost in the tropics, or, The treasure of Turtle Key
An eye to business, or, The boy who was not asleep
Tipped by the ticker, or, An ambitious boy in Wall Street
The road to wealth, or, The boy who found it out
A pot of money, or, The legacy of a lucky boy
The boy gold hunters, or, After a pirate's treasure
Striving for fortune, or, From bell-boy to millionaire
Rising in the world, or, From factory boy to manager
Beating the bucket-shops, or, Breaking up a crooked game : (a story of Wall Street)
Fighting for fame, or, The struggles of a young author
A smart New York boy, or, From the tenements to Wall St.
The secret chart, or, The golden treasure of the crater
Fighting for fame, or, The luck of a young contractor
A born broker, or, The success of a Wall Street boy
Full of business, or, The young traveler for the firm