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A bad boy's note-book
A born salesman, or, A young moneymaker on the road
fateful game, or, Wedded and parted
A lucky errand boy, or, Working his way to fortune
ministering angel, or, Royal Thornleigh's mistake
ministering angel, or, Royal Thronleigh's mistake
A New York working boy, or, A fight for a fortune
A poor Irish boy, or, Fighting his own way
wild girl, or, Love's glamour
wild girl, or, Love's glamour
woman's maneuver, or, Purse not heart
young girl's ordeal, or, "I love you still"
young girl's ordeal, or, I love you still
Adrift in the city, or, The fate of a waif / by a Self-made man
Always on the move, or, The luck of messenger 99
American queen, or, The heart of gold
English boy in America