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In business for himself, or, The lad who made the money
Banker Barry's boy, or, Gathering the dollars in Wall Street
The way to fame, or, The success of a young dramatist
In the money game, or, The luck of two Wall Street chums
His own business, or, From errand boy to boss
Matt the money maker, or, A strange lad in Wall Street
The old trader's legacy, and, What his office boy did with it
Jimmy, the office boy, or, A plucky Wall St. plunger
The young copper king, or, The boy who went the limit
Tipped to win, or, The Wall St. messenger who made a fortune
Beating the market, or, A boy broker's big deal
Little Johnny Brown, or, How a smart boy made money
After big money, or, Turning the tables on the Wall Street brokers
Ralph Roy's riches, or, A smart boy's run of Wall Street luck
Back Number Bixby, or, The boy who was up to the minute
"Millions in it", or, A boy with ideas
Friendless Frank, or, The boy who became famous
Ted, the broker's son, or, Starting out for himself
The little wizard, or, The success of a young inventor
Starting his own business, or, The boy who caught on