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Castor, the poisoner, or, Nick Carter wins a man
The airshaft spectre, or, Nick Carter's shrewd surmise
The Policy King Baffled, or, Nick Carter's dazzling move
The Prison Cipher, or, Nick Carter and the mysterious substitute
The Abduction Syndicate, or, Nick Carter against the short interest
The Toils of a Siren, or, Nick Carter's busiest day
The Mark of a Circle, or, Nick Carter's seven sworn enemies
Nick Carter's advertisement, or, A new way to catch a criminal
The island of fire, or, Nick Carter's weird experience
A million-dollar hold-up, or, Nick Carter after the train robbers
The money schemers, or, Nick Carter after the confidence king
A strange bargain, or, Nick Carter's dead-shot circus case
An automobile duel, or, Nick Carter and his best friend work together
Jasper Ryan's countermove, or, Patsy's remarkable compact
A victim of magic, or, Nick Carter's struggle with a human tiger
The king's prisoner, or, Patsy plays a lone hand
Kid Curry's last stand, or, Nick Carter in dangerous surroundings
The brotherhood of Free Russia, or, Nick Carter's beautiful friend Olga
The millionaire's nemesis, or, Paul Rogers' oath of vengeance
The society of assassination, or, The detective's double disguise