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Seth Jones, or, The captives of the frontier
Texan spy, or, The prairie guide
Left-handed Pete, the double-knife, or, The princess of the Everglades
Dan, the darky dwarf, or, Brock and his trained dog
Doc Bell's pluck, or, The Frenchman's fate
Doctor Bag, detective, or, Trailer Tom's tact
Sly Sam's snare, or, The boy hunter's vow
Crafty Crazy Slack, or, The French fugitive
boy chief, or, Frank Bell's compact
Lone Star's sure shot, or, the one-armed rival
scout, and his young chum
Old Crossfire's crisis, or, Frank Nesbit, the young trailer
Mark Morgan's mask, or, The girl avenger
Frank Bell, the boy spy, or, The mystery of Crystal Lake
Buck Burt's pluck, or, The scouts of the Scioto