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Twenty boy spies, or, The secret band of Dismal Hollow
Through thick and thin, or, Our boys abroad
The merry ten, or, The shadows of a social club
The haunted hut, or, The ghosts of Rocky Gulch
The wild bull of Kerry, or, A battle for life
The young diamond hunters, or, Two runaway boys in treasure land
Alow and aloft, or, The dashing boy harpooner
The iron grays, or, The boy riders of the Rapidan
Lost in the blizzard, or, The snow-bound school boys
Five years in the grassy sea
A boy from the streets, or, The old broker's protege
Bob the waif, a story of life in New York
A haunted boy, or, The mad-house mystery
The midnight alarm, or, The boys of old no. 9
The boy slaves of Siberia, or, The vulture king
The captain of no. 9, or, The boy loggers of Loon Lake