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The secret of a private room, or, Nick Carter makes an experiment
The great spy system, or, Nick Carter's promise to the president
The nihilist's second move, or, Nick Carter's timely interference
Bill Biddon, trapper, or, Life in the North-West
fighting trapper, or, Kit Carson to the rescue
Seth Jones, or, The captives of the frontier
Nat Todd, or, The fate of the Sioux captive
Dutch Hans' pranks, or, Sylvester Stanton's scare
Rover Dick Dingle, or, The lost boy's disguise
Ralph's last tramp, or, The woodman's recreant rival
fighting Quaker, or, The droll darky's dismay
Teddy's long trail
Kent, the ranger, or, The fugitives of the border
Christian Jim, the white man's friend
Mariano, the Ottawa girl, or, The mysterious canoe
The phantom horseman, or, The mad hunter of the Mohawk