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Ralph's last tramp, or, The woodman's recreant rival
Dan, the darky dwarf, or, Brock and his trained dog
skipper's mate, or, The cruise of the Fire-Fly
Simon Kenton, hunter, or, The renegade's doom
Blacksmith Tom's mask, or, The renegade rival
Dutchman's dread, or, Gottlieb and his hunter pard
Sandy Bill of Texas, or, The while Apache's doom
Keetsea, queen of the Plains, or, The Enchanted Rock
Wistah, the child spy, or, The old scout of the Wabash
Dick, the stowaway, or, A yankee boy's strange cruise
young mustangers, or, Dick Merry's rangers
Wild Nat, the trooper, or, The Cedar Swamp brigade
Bill Robbins, hunter, or, The man in green
Harry Somers, the sailor-boy magician, or, The old bo'sen's strange land cruise
Black Panther, the half-blood, or, The slaves of the silver mines
Silverspur, or, The mountain heroine