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The brotherhood of gold, or, A daring Wall Street game
After a square deal, or, The richest claim in the West
A boy from the streets, or, The old broker's protege
A born broker, or, The success of a Wall Street boy
The boy gold king, or, The greatest mine in the world
The missing bonds, or, A lucky boy in Wall Street
The race for gold, or, After an Aztec treasure
The stolen chart, or, The treasure of the cataract
Boss of Wall Street, or, Taking chances on the curb
Dick and the mad broker, or, The secret band of Wall Street
Doubling their dollars, or, Schoolmates in Wall Street
Driven to the wall, or, The nerve of a Wall Street boy
A young gold king, or, The treasure of the secret caves
A grip on the market, or, A hot time in Wall Street
A start in life, or, A bright boy's ambition
Playing the market, or, A keen boy in Wall Street
A freak of fortune, or, The boy who struck luck
A corner in stock, or, The Wall Street boy who won
The winning trick, or, How a boy made his mark
A start in life, or, A poor boy's rise to fame