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The wrecker's daughter
The water waif, a tale of ancient New York
The brigantine, or, Admiral Lowe's last cruise
The sea captain, or, A cruise for honor
The island bride, or, Cast away
The privateer, or, The Pride of the Nansemond
The Blue Clipper, or, The smuggler spy
The lost ship, or, The cruise for a shadow
The lost captain, or, The double cruise
The specter skipper, or, The sunken will
The privateer's bride, or, The channel scud
Shadow Jack, or, The spotted cruiser
The ocean outlaw, or, The stolen sister
The golden harpoon, or, Lost among the floes
Foul-weather Jack, or, The double wreck
The Sea King, or, The two corvettes
Captain of captains, or, The broom of the seas
The conspirators, or, The island league
Adrian, the pilot, or, The island wreckers
The corsair prince