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Texan spy, or, The prairie guide
Nadia, the Russian spy
Texan spy, or, The prairie guide
The brand of Siberia, or, The boy tracker of the Steppes
The blue mask, or, Fighting against the Czar
The French spy, or, The fall of Montreal
The trail-hunters, or, Monowano, the Shawnee spy
Ruby Roland, the girl spy, or, Simon Kenton's protege
Eph Peters, or, The scout of the Mohawk Valley
Young Jack Harkaway in the wilds of Siberia
The boy in red, or, The czar's masked messenger
Jack Harkaway and the spy
Jack Harkaway trapped
unsolved mystery, or, Nick Carter's government case
Nick Carter and the nihilists, or, The mine under the grand duke's palace
An international conspiracy, or, Nick Carter's second assistant in a new field