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Harry Hale
A young gold king, or, The treasure of the secret caves
Lost on the ocean, or, Ben Bluff's last voyage
             Bob Brandon, contractor, or, The treasure that led to fame
Adrift in the sea, or, The treasure of Lone Reef
Driven to work, or, A fortune from a shoestring
A barrel of coin, or, The luck of a boy trader
Silver Sam of Santa Fe, or, The lions' treasure cave
             Cast away in Iceland, or, The treasure of the crater
The crimson mask, or, The treasure of San Pedro
A lad of iron nerve, or, Little Joe's big bonanza
A golden treasure, or, The mystery of an old trunk
Broker Brown's boy, or, A tough lad from Missouri
After a missing million, or, The treasure of the wreck
A million in rubies, or, The richest find in the world
Among the missing, or, The treasure of the Silver City
The secret chart, or, The golden treasure of the crater
250,000 in gold, or, Hunting a hindoo treasure