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Gold Gulch, or, Pandy Ellis' last trail
A New York working boy, or, A fight for a fortune
Alow and aloft, or, The dashing boy harpooner
The iron grays, or, The boy riders of the Rapidan
Railroad Ralph, the boy engineer
Lost in the blizzard, or, The snow-bound school boys
Liberty Hose, or, The pride of Plattsville
Jack's fortune, or, The strangest legacy in the world
In business for himself, or, The lad who made the money
A favorite of fate, or, After the head hunter's treasure
A pirate's treasure, or, The secret of the three wrecks
Shipped to sea, or, The treasure of the Coral Cave
The way to fame, or, The success of a young dramatist
His own business, or, From errand boy to boss
"Millions in it", or, A boy with ideas
Playing a lone hand, or, The boy who got the gold
Friendless Frank, or, The boy who became famous
The little wizard, or, The success of a young inventor
Starting his own business, or, The boy who caught on