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Jack's fortune, or, The strangest legacy in the world
A young gold king, or, The treasure of the secret caves
A golden stake, or, The treasure of the Indies
Lost in the tropics, or, The treasure of Turtle Key
Every inch a boy, or, Doing his level best
The road to wealth, or, The boy who found it out
Cast adrift, or, The luck of a homeless boy
A pot of money, or, The legacy of a lucky boy
A million in gold, or, The treasure of Santa Cruz
A freak of fortune, or, The boy who struck luck
Heir to a million, or, The boy who was born lucky
Lost in the Andes,  or, The treasure of the buried city
A lucky chance, or, Taking fortune on the wing
The road to success, or, The career of a fortunate boy
Among the missing, or, The treasure of the Silver City
The secret chart, or, The golden treasure of the crater
250,000 in gold, or, Hunting a hindoo treasure
Buried gold, or, The treasure of the old buccaneers
Seeking a lost treasure, or, The nerve of a young explorer
Broker Brown's boy, or, A tough lad from Missouri