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A beautiful anarchist, or, Nick Carter's bravest act
A queen of vengeance, or, Nick Carter's beautiful nemesis
White House mystery, or, Nick Carter's case for the president
An emperor at bay, or, Nick Carter defies the czar
An international conspiracy, or, Nick Carter's second assistant in a new field
unsolved mystery, or, Nick Carter's government case
By command of the czar, or, Nick Carter's boldest defiance
Crack Shot Harry, or, The masked rider
Despard, the spy, or, The fall of Montreal
Double-death, or, The spy queen of Wyoming
Eph Peters, or, The scout of the Mohawk Valley
Eph, the mimic spy, or, The Frenchman's doom
French spy, or, The fall of Montreal, The
Hirl, the hunchback, or, The swordmaker of the Santee
Holding up a nation, or, The little giant rules the world
Iron-Nerve Despard, or, The man of many disguises