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girl cowboy captain, or, The skinners of the Carolina swamps
Deacon Hale's grit, or, Ebenezer Day's mad ride
Eph, the mimic spy, or, The Frenchman's doom
Pat, the plucky sergeant, or, Ralph on the war-path
Red Mike's ruse, or, Reginald's reckless rangers
Doc Bell's pluck, or, The Frenchman's fate
Detective Dick's pard, or, The New York reporters in Colorado
Old Gotlieb, the jolly landlord, or, The daring Dutch damsel
Four fellow scouts, or, The unseen hand
Diana, the fair mountaineer
branded captain, or, The silent slayer
Sam, the swamp scout
Mark Morgan's mask, or, The girl avenger
young trailer, or, The Black League's plot
specter spy, or, The wizard canoe
Old Nancy's Ward, or, The rustic rifle rangers
Eagle-Eyed Tim, or, The crafty captain's plot
Old Nancy's ward, or, The rustic rifle rangers
Diamond Dirk, or, The mystery of the Yellowstone