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A masterly trick, or, Chick and the beautiful Italian
Four scraps of paper, or, Nick Carter's Coney Island search
The airshaft spectre, or, Nick Carter's shrewd surmise
A night with Nick Carter, or, The kid-gloved case
In the nick of time, or, Carter finishes the Feltman syndicate
The Policy King Baffled, or, Nick Carter's dazzling move
A puzzle of identities, or, Nick Carter solving a strange problem
The Master Crook's Match, or, Nick Carter on his mettle
The bolt from the blue, or, Nick Carter and the dream stone
The Mummy's Head, or, Nick Carter's Egyptian mystery
The Mark of a Circle, or, Nick Carter's seven sworn enemies
The cavern mystery, or, Nick Carter's puzzle of the leather bag
Nick Carter's advertisement, or, A new way to catch a criminal
Nick Carter and the nihilists, or, The mine under the grand duke's palace
The stolen treasure, or, Nick Carter's adventures in a mysterious castle
The ghost of Nick Carter, or, The secret of the second sight seer
The haunted circus, or, Nick Carter lays a ghost
The midnight marauders, or, Nick Carter's telephone mystery
Nick Carter's satanic enemy, or, The case of the easy mark
An automobile duel, or, Nick Carter and his best friend work together