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The mystery of a hotel room, or, Nick Carter's best work
Castor, the poisoner, or, Nick Carter wins a man
The Man with the Missing Thumb, or, Nick Carter's chance discovery
Behind the mask, or, Nick Carter and the queen of the Mardi Gras
A live wire clue, or, Nick Carter and the Badmington case
The Prison Cipher, or, Nick Carter and the mysterious substitute
The green scarab, or, Nick Carter's beautiful mystery
A shot in the dark, or, Nick Carter's midnight adventure
The Hidden Crime, or, Nick Carter's telephone clew
The Secret Entrance, or, Nick Carter and the child stealers
A royal flush, or, Nick Carter's pursuit of a living mystery
Jack Wise's hurry call, or, Nick Carter youngest assistant gets busy
The Kregoff necklace, or, Nick Carter unearths a secret
A million-dollar hold-up, or, Nick Carter after the train robbers
A millionaire swindler, or, Nick Carter's exposure of a stupendous scheme
The money schemers, or, Nick Carter after the confidence king
The message in blue, or, Nick Carter's clue to a vast conspiracy
The detective's disappearance, or, Nick Carter is saved by Adelina
The dead man on the roof, or, Nick Carter clears an honored name
A mystery of high society, or, Nick Carter's tangled puzzle