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witch of Black Hollow, or, The dragoon's bride
Ralph's last tramp, or, The woodman's recreant rival
Jack Jordan's pard, or, The Santa Fe hunters
Cast Away Jack, or, The boy sailor of the reindeer
Tom Swift's cruise, or, The wreck of the Albion
Pat, the plucky sergeant, or, Ralph on the war-path
Red Mike's ruse, or, Reginald's reckless rangers
Bonny, the Dutch dame, or, The alderman's little protegee
Jolly Skipper Jack, or, The young lieutenant's cruise
Sly Sam's snare, or, The boy hunter's vow
Yankee Eph's dilemma, or, The scheming suitor foiled
Job Dean's tactics, or, The captain's fair rescuer
village sport, or, The young mechanic's muster
Bob Gage's crew, or, The boys of logger-camp
Harry Winkle's long chase, or, The haunted hunter
silver bugle, or, The Indian maiden of St. Croix
Keetsea, queen of the Plains, or, The Enchanted Rock
Boone, the hunter, or, The backwoods brothers