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In the ice, a story of the Arctic Regions
Deserted, or, Thrilling adventures in the frozen north
Larry Lee, the young lighthouse keeper
Robinson Crusoe, Jr
Five years in the grassy sea
Tinker's man, Bogey
In the sea of ice
Afloat in a tiger's den, a or, The wreck of the menagerie ship
Cast adrift, or, The luck of a homeless boy
Lost at the South Pole, or, The kingdom of ice
The house of skulls, or, The boy miners of Blizzard Bay
Three treasure wrecks, or, The remarkable cruise of the "Red, White and Blue"
The wreck of the "Columbus," or, Abandoned in the ice
Captain Jack Tempest, the prince of the sea
Water=logged, or, Lost in the sea of grass
After a missing million, or, The treasure of the wreck