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Quaker Saul, the idiot spy, or, Luliona, the Seminole
Red Mike's ruse, or, Reginald's reckless rangers
Molly, the girl captain, or, The Dutch peddler
Double-death, or, The spy queen of Wyoming
sea scout, or, The patriot privateer
Delaware Dick, the young ranger spy, or, Brother against brother
Running Rob, or, Mad Anthony's rollicking scout
The iron grays, or, The boy riders of the Rapidan
Percy Greville, the scout of Valley Forge
Hearts forever, or, The Old Dominion battle-grounds
The masked spy, or, The wild rider of the hills
Captain Molly, or, The fight at Trenton, Christmas, 1776
Bald Eagle, or, The last of the Ramapaughs
Percy Greville, the scout of Valley Forge