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witch of Black Hollow, or, The dragoon's bride
Bonny, the Dutch dame, or, The alderman's little protegee
yankee captives
Old hank, the hermit, or, The captive of the cave
Crafty Crazy Slack, or, The French fugitive
Diana, the fair mountaineer
Sandy Bill of Texas, or, The while Apache's doom
Job Dean's tactics, or, The captain's fair rescuer
dashing trooper, or, The half-breed's revenge
Old Crossfire's crisis, or, Frank Nesbit, the young trailer
Sancho Sam's shot, or, Fort Binkley's specter riders
Mark Morgan's mask, or, The girl avenger
Hank Triplet's vow, or, The old guide's wrong trail
Bob Gage's crew, or, The boys of logger-camp
Old Nancy's Ward, or, The rustic rifle rangers
Eagle-Eyed Tim, or, The crafty captain's plot