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Through thick and thin, or, Our boys abroad
In the sea of ice, or, The perils of a boy whaler
Jack Reef, the boy captain, or, Adventures on the ocean
83 degrees north latitude, or, The handwriting in the iceberg
Alow and aloft, or, The dashing boy harpooner
Lost on a raft, or, Driven from sea to sea
The wreck of the "Columbus," or, Abandoned in the ice
Through thick and thin, or, The adventures of a smart boy
Adrift on the world, or, Working his way to fortune
Buried gold, or, The treasure of the old buccaneers
Seeking a lost treasure, or, The nerve of a young explorer
Among the ice peaks, or, The voyage that made the money
The little castaways, or, The fortune that a wreck brought
A million in rubies, or, The richest find in the world
The young wrecker, or, The boy who dealt in derelicts
Shipped to sea, or, The treasure of the Coral Cave
The secret chart, or, The golden treasure of the crater
Hunting for treasure, or, The pirate's chest of gold
Dick, the runaway, or, The treasure of the Isle of Fog
Adrift in the sea, or, The treasure of Lone Reef