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The seven white bears, or, The band of fate
The boy sultan, or, Searching for a lost diamond mine
Lost on a raft, or, Driven from sea to sea
Loyal to the last, or, Fighting for the Stars and Stripes
Arkansas scout
Jack o' the plains, or, The headless Mazeppa
The twelve owls, or, The secret band of Chicago
The Red River pilot
A golden treasure, or, The mystery of an old trunk
After a missing million, or, The treasure of the wreck
A million in diamonds, or, The treasure of the hidden valley
Adrift in the sea, or, The treasure of Lone Reef
A lad of iron nerve, or, Little Joe's big bonanza
For fame and fortune, or, The boy who won both
A chase for a fortune, or, The boy who hustled
A golden risk, or, The young miners of Della Cruz
Playing to win, or, The foxiest boy in Wall Street
Out for business, or, The smartest boy in town
Among the missing, or, The treasure of the Silver City