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Malaeska, or, The Indian wife of the white hunter
Red Arrow, the wolf demon, or, The queen of the Kanawha
riflemen of the Miami
Pepe, the scout, or, The rangers of Sonora
trapper's daughter, or, The outlaw's fate
pampas hunters, or, New York boys in Buenos Ayres
menagerie hunters, or, Fanny Hobart the animal queen
Cruise of the flyaway, or, Yankee boys in Ceylon
Kit Carson Club, or, Young hawkeyes in the Northwest
condor killers, or, Wild adventures at the equator
snow hunters, or, Winter in the woods
Lud Lionheels, the young tiger fighter, or, The man monster of the isle
Oregon Josh, the wizard rifle, or, The young trapper champion
Jack Jordan's pard, or, The Santa Fe hunters
Dutch Hans' pranks, or, Sylvester Stanton's scare