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The helpless hand
Ruby Roland, the girl spy, or, Simon Kenton's protege
The moose-hunter, or, Life in the Maine woods
Bill Biddon, trapper, or, Life in the Northwest
The doomed hunter, or, The tragedy of Forest Valley
Red Belt, the Tuscarora, or, The death trail
Old Sib Cone, the mountain trapper
The gray hunter, or, The white hunter of the Apaches
Hunter Ham, or, The outlaw's crime
Ben Bramble, the hunter king of the Kenawha
The huge hunter, or, The steam man of the prairies
Joe Napyank, or, The river rifles
The rival hunters, or, The forest garrison
Tom Hawk, the trailer, or, The forest tragedy
The Texas hawks, or, The strange decoy
Indian Joe, the guide, or, The White Spirit of the hills
Carson, the guide, or, Perils of the frontier