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A young lumber king, or, The boy who worked his way up
             Dick and his chum, or, Making a fortune for the firm
In the money game, or, The luck of two Wall St. chums
After a missing million, or, The treasure of the wreck
Bill's bond syndicate, or, A fortune from a two cent stamp
A million in rubies, or, The richest find in the world
A boy's big deal, or, The Wall Street tip that won
Mark Milton's mine, or, A schoolboy's inheritance
Little Dan Tucker, or, Making big money in Wall Street
The marked moccasin, or, Pandy Ellis' pard
In the copper fields, or, The mine that made the money
Golden fleece, or, The boy brokers of Wall Street
Making his mark, or, The boy who became president
Lost in the Andes,  or, The treasure of the buried city
Out for himself, or, Paving his way to fortune
Dick, "I will," or, The plucky fight of a boy orphan
First in the field, or, Doing business for himself
Only a dollar, or, From errand boy to owner
A golden shower, or, The boy banker of Wall Street
A golden stake, or, The treasure of the Indies