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His last nickel, or, What it did for Jack Rand
Johnny, the parcel boy, or, The lad who saved the firm
Adrift in the city, or, The fate of a waif / by a Self-made man
Fred the faker, or, The success of a young street merchant
Driven to work, or, A fortune from a shoestring
Always on the move, or, The luck of messenger 99
Rough and Ready Dick, or, A young express agent's luck
For fame and fortune, or, The boy who won both
Tatters, or, A boy from the slums
Striving for fortune, or, From bellboy to millionaire
Contractor Bob, or, Fighting for a big job
The way to fame, or, The success of a young dramatist
Three copper cents, and, How they made a waifs fortune
Tom, the apprentice, or, The young mechanic who made his mark
Fresh from the West, or, The lad who made good in New York
A born salesman, or, A young moneymaker on the road
Dick Darling's money, or, The rise of an office boy
A lucky errand boy, or, Working his way to fortune
Watching his chance, or, From ferry boy to captain
             Rough and ready Dick, or, A young express agent's luck