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In the ice, a story of the Arctic Regions
Deserted, or, Thrilling adventures in the frozen north
Five years in the grassy sea
Ferret, the little detective, or, The man of many faces
Chased around the world, or, The detective's mistake
Jack Harkaway, the avenger
Rob Rudder, the boy pilot of the Mississippi
Under the gallows
The blasted pine, or, Three boy scouts
Trapper Duke, or, The female avenger
North Woods Tom, the athlete hunter
The mysterious man of the mountain
Tom Topp, or, Fighting against fiends
The maniac rider, or, The mystery of Hawkeswood Grange
The haunted pioneer, or, Fighting for Texas
Little Blind Joe, or, The sharks of New York
Red Leary, the bill-poster, or, The murder on the pier
The nemesis, or, Tracked to their doom
Joe Wiley, the young temperance lecturer