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Nick Carter and Keno M'Call, or, The fate of a stool pigeon
Nick Carter's battle against odds, or, The mystery of the Detroit pawnbroker
Nick Carter and the Nebraska outlaws, or, Playing a desperate game
Ten-Ichi, the wonderful, or, Nick Carter's greatest find
The mystery of the Mikado, or, Nick Carter in Japan
An emperor at bay, or, Nick Carter defies the czar
The crime behind the throne, or, Nick Carter and the palace mystery
Holding up a nation, or, The little giant rules the world
Kidnapped in broad daylight, or, Nick Carter on his own trail
A princess of the underworld, or, The mysterious burglary at Lake View
A queen of her kind, or, A beautiful woman's nerve
The house with the open door, or, The double crime of Madison Avenue
The trail of the vampire, or, The mysterious crimes of Prospect Park
The demons of the night, or, The terrors of the idol's cavern
Dr. Quartz, the second, or, The great freight car mystery
Dr. Quartz II. at bay, or, A man of iron nerve
The great hotel murders, or, Dr. Quartz's quick move
The woman wizard's hate, or, A dangerous foe
The prison demon, or, The ghost of Dr. Quartz
Nick Carter's convict enemy, or, The power that makes men tremble