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The brand of Siberia, or, The boy tracker of the Steppes
The boy with the steel mask, or, A face that was never seen
The blue mask, or, Fighting against the Czar
The boy messenger of Russia, or, The Czar's secret despatch bearer / by Allan Arnold
The dark sons of Ireland, or, Plotting under the Shannon water
The boy courier of Siberia, or, The league of the Russian prison mines
A poor Irish boy, or, Fighting his own way
A haunted boy, or, The mad-house mystery
The invisible twelve, an Irish romance of the present day
Dan and his double, or, The church under the river
His father's son, or, The boy with a bad name
An Irish-American, or, Dan Redmond's adventures in search of his father
Three young guardsmen, or, The chosen champions of the queen
The Nihilist's son, or, The spy of the third section