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Ed, the express boy, or, His own route to fortune
A waif's legacy, or, How it made a poor boy rich
Little Dan Tucker, or, Making big money in Wall Street
Lost in the great basin, or, The wonderful underground city
The boy banker's double, or, A strange Wall St. mystery
Shiner, the New-York bootblack, or, The secret of a boy's life
The young wrecker, or, The boy who dealt in derelicts
The Board of Trade boys, or, The young grain speculators of Chicago
Full of business, or, The young traveler for the firm
Up to the minute, or, From office boy to broker
In Wall Street to win, or, The boy who got the money
A boy with brains, or, A fortune from a dime
Always on time, or, The perils of a young mail contractor
A banker at 17, or, A Wall Street boy's syndicate
A boy broker's dollars, or, The mystery of the money vault
Lost in the jungle, or, The secret of the hindoo temple
A $50,000 deal, or, Hal Hardy the Wall Street wizard
In the game to win, or, Beating the Wall Street "bulls"
Lucky Jim, or, $100,000 from stocks
Capturing the coin, or, The deals of a boy broker