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only daughter, or, Brother against lover
Twenty years on an island, or, The story of a castaway
A New York boy in the Soudan, or, The Mahdi's slave
The shattered glass, or, A country boy in New York
Through smoke and flame, or, The rival firemen of Irvington
Tom Barry of Barrington, or, The hero of no. 4
Liberty Hose, or, The pride of Plattsville
Making his fortune, or, The deal of a lucky boy
Hal, the hustler, or, The feat that made him famous
A chase for a fortune, or, The boy who hustled
Out for himself, or, Paving his way to fortune
Fred Flame, The hero of Greystone, No. 1
Lost in the great basin, or, The wonderful underground city
The boy volunteers, or, The boss fire company of the town
The doomed city, or, The hidden foe of Plummerdale
The pride of the volunteers, or, Burke Halliday, the boy fireman
A fireman at sixteen, or, Through flame and smoke
Bob the waif, a story of life in New York
Phil, the boy fireman, or, Through flames to victory