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The Secret Entrance, or, Nick Carter and the child stealers
The cavern mystery, or, Nick Carter's puzzle of the leather bag
Jack Wise's hurry call, or, Nick Carter youngest assistant gets busy
Nick Carter's strangest case, or, The hacienda plot
The stolen treasure, or, Nick Carter's adventures in a mysterious castle
The detective's disappearance, or, Nick Carter is saved by Adelina
The midnight marauders, or, Nick Carter's telephone mystery
Jasper Ryan's countermove, or, Patsy's remarkable compact
Talika, the geisha girl, or, Nick Carter's Japanese rival
The double mystery, or Nick Carter's strong-hand play
Mercedes Danton's double, or, A plot for many millions
A queen of her kind, or, A beautiful woman's nerve
A compact with Dazaar, or, The devil worshipers' den
In the shadow of Dazaar, or, At the mercy of vampires
The brotherhood of the crossed swords, or, The little giant's mighty task
Dr. Quartz's last play, or, A hand with a royal flush
Missing! a sack of gold, or, Nick Carter and the express office mystery