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Overland Kit, or, The idyl of White Pine
lost trail
old flag, or, Home at last
Lost: a wife, or, Wedded, but not won
Sam Spence, the broadhorn boy, and how he floated into a fortune
Pat Mulloney's adventures, or, Silver Tongue, the Dacotah queen
Tip Tressell, the floater, or, Fortunes and misfortunes on the Mississippi
Exploits of Hezekiah Smith, the backwoodsman, or, Mad Anthony's Kentucky Rangers
river rifles, or, The fate of the flatboat
Sharp-Shooter Sam, or, Arran O'Rourke's blunder
Nevada Bob's scoop, or, The San Francisco clerk's chase
Wild Raven, the scout, or, Blanche, the overland maiden
Deadwood sports, or, Diamond Dick's deliverance
'Frisco Frank's rival, or, The gold cave of Death Valley