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Eph, the mimic spy, or, The Frenchman's doom
Red Mike's ruse, or, Reginald's reckless rangers
Iron-Nerve Despard, or, The man of many disguises
Tommy's fast pacer, or, Searching for "Uncle Josiah"
boy surveyor, or, Rugy, the daring rider
branded captain, or, The silent slayer
Sam, the swamp scout
Hans Schmidt, Junior, or, The disguised yankee
young trailer, or, The Black League's plot
Night-Hawk Bill, or, The New York sportsman's clew
Sam's long trail, or, The twin scouts
New York Ned in California, or, The brothers of the league
twin buckskins, or, Sam's long trail
Single Hand, or, A life for a life
prairie queen, or, Tom Western, the Texan ranger