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Bald Head, the double dodger, or, The spirit of Storm Lake
Ira's big bonanza, or, Mysterious crazy Tom
Detective German Joe, or, The Flying Dutchman out west
Joe Curd's double, or, The idiot's cunning
Tom Tatters, detective, or, The sharpest boy in Chicago
John Marston, detective, or, The crafty agent's crime
miser's lost ward, or, Dick Dowles's deal
Harry's good fortune, or, The tricky Texan's claim
Nat Dodge, the peddler, or, Black Cato's trick
Bullet-proof Nat, or, The wild gulch goblin
boy surveyor, or, Rugy, the daring rider
Jack's snare, or, The Kent boys' plot
Kentucky Kate's shot, or, Border foe's frays
white wolf, or, Following a trail
Wild Raven, the scout, or, Blanche, the overland maiden
Zebra Zack, the Texan
Mustang rider Roy, or, The brigands of Texas
branded captain, or, The silent slayer
boy chief, or, Frank Bell's compact
Dutchman's dread, or, Gottlieb and his hunter pard