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The outlaw's wife, or, The Valley Ranche
The scout
The bear-hunter, or, Davy Crockett as a spy
Dingle, the outlaw, or, The secret slayer
The dragoon's bride
The masked guide, or, The road agents of the Plains
Arrow, the avenger, or Judge Lynch on the border
Alone on the plains, or, The outlaws' plot
The Jaguar Queen, or, The outlaws of the Sierra Madre
The ocean outlaw, or, The stolen sister
Old Sib Cone, the mountain trapper
The gray hunter, or, The white hunter of the Apaches
Blackhawk, the bandit, or, The Indian scout
The black wizard
Zebra Zack, or, The wild Texan's mission
The black rider, or, Life and love on the border
Will-o'-the-Wisp, the California trooper
Dingle, the outlaw, or, The secret slayer
The phantom tracker, or, The prisoner of the hill cave
The fire-eater, or, The Texan's revenge