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Shortys on the road, or, In the old business just for fun
Bulger Boom, the inventor
Our landlord, or, Life in French Flats
Tommy Bounce, Jr., in college
Shortys out for fun
Shortys' Christmas and New Year at home
Shortys' country store
Joseph Jump and his old blind nag
Shorty kids, or, Three chips of three old blocks
Sam Spry, the New York drummer, or, Business before pleasure
Those quiet twins
Shortys in the wild west
Shortys' Christmas snaps
Smart & Co., the boy peddlers
Behind the scenes, or, Out with a New York combination
Stump, or, "Little, but, oh, my!"
Shorty in search of his dad
Shortys' trip around the world
Tumbling Tim, or, Traveling with a circus